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PAKTERRA products are highly sterilized with the Gamma rays at PARAS, the unit of Al-Technique Corporation of Pakistan and backed by the extensive research experience of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. It also observes the recommended code of (IAEA). All instruments are made of 18/8 non-magnet stainless steel. The instruments of our company are RUST FREE.

Certificate of Irradiation: A PARAS Certificate of irradiation is issued to the customer with the delivery of the sterilized consignment. The PARAS is licensed by the Government of Pakistan.

This is a guarantee that we try our best to produce the instruments to the above specifications in order to ensure that wherever our instruments are utilized, no danger accrues to the human life and the complexity it involves in bringing about the desired goal and achievements. We pledge and undertake to serve even more in the year ahead to our quality minded promoters with highest standard and correct designing surgery care.

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